Men & Boys of War


Men and Boys of War is a series of traditional photographic portraits portraying real war veterans and veteran families displayed alongside reenacted battle scenes of the war in which they served. The juxtapositions within the diptychs reveal how war re-enactments are period-piece events that symbolize an idealized past -- one of virtue and simplicity. In these elaborate events, civilian day-trippers play out fantasies of grandeur and heroism, side by side with real life veterans who use these events to cathartically relive personal trauma and attempt to socially re-acclimate within the familiar context of war in the safety of a civilian event. read more on War and the Re-Staged Image...

Asked not to be Named
Hitler Youth Reenacted
Norman Johnson, Battle of Bulge / D-
Brand New Johnson M1941 Rifle
Ground Pounders
John Flysher
Little Drummer Boy
Marion Gray
Lone Wolf
Gearing Up, Moving Out
Red Star
Soviet Red Marching
Robert Liongfeilt
My Grand Daddy Served in Nam