Rest, Relaxation & War


A series created by merging and manipulating re-enactment battle scenes with photographs of the pastoral landscapes in which these historical battles originally took place. The results are singular scenes rich with visual imperfections that mirror the inconsistencies between the beliefs and behavior in these war games and American society. read more on War and the Re-Staged Image...

Round ‘Em Up
Going Going Gone
Blitzkrieg II
Laying in Wait
Blitzkrieg Diptych  1 of 2
Blitzkrieg Diptych (detail)
Blitzkrieg Diptych 2 of 2
Blitzkrieg Fire
Round ‘Em Up

Reenactment, Seventh Cavalry with Crow Agency’s Custards Last Stand, MT 2009 Historic site, The Battle of the Little Bighorn. Billings, MT 1876 Digital C- print 25” H x 29” W dye sublimation on aluminum 20"H x 24" W