Unsung Heroines: Absent Monuments

100 YEARS | 100 WOMEN The Park Avenue Armory  

Virtually Installed All Over The World 


Absent Monuments began as a series of several mirrored obelisks installed in historic landscapes throughout NYC. In the midst of planning a new monument install with the Park Avenue Armory -- dedicated the100th anniversary of the 19th suffrage movement...

The COVID-19 pandemic hit, ravaging the US and my hometown NYC.  I along with 1,000s of others was forced to reconsider public spaces, safety, and social interactions, all of which forced us to reckon with the race, class, and gender inequalities that are built into the fabric of our nation.   


Attempting to avoid highly trafficked public spaces, I have been teaching my 1-year old son to walk in our local cemetery Greenwood, where my Grandparents are buried and where my parents and myself will also be laid to rest.  Surrounded by breathtaking sculptures, soaring obelisks, and grand monuments dedicated to some of the more well-known men of New York City's history — I became fascinated by the “wife of” and "daughter of" headstones... 

         Who are these women?  What were their contributions?  and why don’t they have their own monuments?

Unsung Heroines is a virtual addition to the Absent Monuments series that was born at this moment.