War Tapestries

Jacquard woven fabrics


In these photographic tableaus I construct war scenes by digitally merging and manipulating original photographs taken from battle scenes of US-based WWII and Vietnam re-enactments.   My choice to work with this alternative photographic medium is motivated by my ongoing interest in how battle imagery has functioned throughout history. By alluding to famous battle tapestries such as the V&A's War of Troy and The Tapestries of the Apocalypse at the Château d’Angers, these fabrics reference the long history of battle tapestries that conflate history with myth. read more on War and the Re-Staged Image...


A War Imagined. {installation view}
A War Imagined. {installation view}
B.O.H.I.C.A.  (Bend Over Here It Com
There is No God in War
Dust Off Incoming
Run Charlie Run
Drawing Lines in the Sand
From on High. {installation view}
War Birds
A War Imagined. {installation view}
Ruin & Peril {installation view}
Ruin & Peril
We did What We Came to Do
A War Imagined. {installation view}

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as seen @ Giacobetti Paul Gallery, NYC. October 2013