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Lewes, Delaware 2022 

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York City 2019

Ruffus King Park, New York City 2018-2019

As part of an ongoing series, I have been erecting public sculpture-obelisks throughout New York City. By marking the landscape, she has been sharing stories and honoring great people often overshadowed by the select, and few declared heroes. Her public installations are made of mirrored obelisks, whose plinths feature blue and white Dutch Delft tiles, with original and archival photographs.

Above the tiled plinths, the obelisk form alludes to fallen empires and underrepresented African cultures. The mirrored surface reflects the viewer–celebrating them today, and placing them directly into the landscape’s history.

Each obelisk is dedicated to the stories of the neighborhoods that remain unspoken, and to the residents of current-day Brooklyn that remain uncelebrated. These towering, luminous, and reflective obelisks have been created and installed to correct the absence of celebration.

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