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Federal Hall NYC
women in the face of history

Deb Willis | Renée Cox | Adama Delphine Fawundu | Yelaine Rodriguez | Rose DeSiano  | Curated by Ellyn Toscano

Women in the Face of History is part of a New Day at Federal Hall initiative by the Conservancy and National Park Service, to engage the public with the site’s history as the birthplace of American government--its ideas, ideals, flaws and contradictions—through the work of artists. The banner exhibition  confronts our national narrative, considers who was excluded from its telling and restores women, from all backgrounds and perspectives, to their rightful place in our civic spaces and celebrations.

Unsung Heroines, Absent Monuments by Rose DeSiano, suggesting new monuments to celebrate the unrecognized historic and contemporary contributions of women during a time when public spaces are problematized and politicized.

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