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Public Art & Photo Sculpture

By working sculpturally with photographic images printed on transparent fabrics, plastics, mirror, and glass, I am able to bring the photograph into the third dimension. In this investigation into a physical space, images overlay and blend together to create optical distortions resulting in ethereal moments questioning and of reverie.

Absent Monuments_ Rufus King Park

Absent Monuments: Rufus King Park 

Jamaica Queens, NYC Parks Department.  2018-2019 



"Island of Empirical Data and Other Fabrications” 

Randall's Island NYC Parks Department.  2017-2018 


Brooklyn Waterfront, Manhattan Bridge

Absent Monuments: Brooklyn Waterfront 

Photoville - Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC. 2019 



"Between Monuments" - Triumphal Column Series

Old Stone House, NYC Parks Department. 2019



Earlier Public Art 


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